TruLaser Tube 7000

The XXL solution for tube cutting

This flexible high-end machine allows you to process a wide range of parts and gives you access to new applications in the field of laser tube-cutting. Without any productivity loss, this machine is capable of cutting tubes and profiles measuring up to 254 mm in diameter with wall thicknesses of up to 8 mm (in mild steel).

  • The XXL solution for tube-cutting
  • Quality bevel cuts up to 45°
  • Flexible part-removal station with integrated part sorter
  • High laser output for high cutting speeds
  • Small-batch manufacturing with minimum downtime
  • Minimum gas consumption due to extremely fine nozzles


  • Fully automatic machine settings help minimize downtime
  • Stepped rollers automatically adjust to the diameter of each workpiece
  • Large waste bin is emptied automatically
  • FocusLine sets the focus of the laser and automatically adjusts it to suit the type and thickness of material being processed
  • With a maximum laser output power of 3,600 watts, you can process parts even faster
  • The high cutting speed guarantees high productivity, even during bevel cuts


  • Self-centering clamp chucks adapt to different tube geometries
  • Consistent, high quality is assured
  • Components are unloaded gently
  • A specially designed bundle magazine protects the workpieces – for example it prevents damage to the surface of stainless steel tubes when they are fed into the machine
  • Perform quality bevel cuts up to 45° in mild steel and for many applications in stainless steel and aluminum


  • Capable of processing mild steel tubes with diameters up to 254 mm and wall thicknesses up to 8 mm
  • The flexible part-removal station sorts the finished parts onto a movable conveyor-table, into wire cages or into transport containers, as required
  • Automatic machine settings reduce production costs, even for small batches
  • The swivel-action transport tracks can be used for small batches and custom profiles
  • Thanks to the smart profile detection feature, profiles with the most diverse geometries can be processed in a fully automatic and therefore efficient way


  • Control and operating system designed with the machine operator’s needs in mind
  • The integrated touchscreen control panel is exceptionally ergonomic
  • Automatic plausibility checks prevent incorrect operation
  • Magnetic coupling on the cutting head
TruLaser Tube 7000
Max. outer circle diameter204 mm
Max. outer circle diameter (option)254 mm
Max. tube material length6500 mm
Max. tube material length (option)9200 mm
Max. finished part length3000 mm
Max. finished part length with larger model (option)4500 / 6500 / 8000 mm
Max. workpiece weight25* kg/m
Max. workpiece weight (option)37.5** kg/m
Max. wall thickness with TruFlow 2000  
  • Mild steel
8 mm
  • Stainless steel
4 mm
  • Aluminum
3 mm
Max. wall thickness with TruFlow 2700  
  • Mild steel
10*** mm
  • Stainless steel
5 mm
  • Aluminum
4 mm
Max. wall thickness with TruFlow 3600  
  • Mild steel
10*** mm
  • Stainless steel
6 mm
  • Aluminum
5 mm
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

* Total: max. 150 kg

** Total: max. 225 kg (only with option 'max. outer circle diameter 250 mm')

*** with PierceLine


LoadMaster Tube

LoadMaster Tube

A strong team.

The LoadMaster Tube enables automated production. The tube magazine can accommodate up to four metric tons of raw material. Before feeding the material into the processing unit, the loading system performs a plausibility check in which the machine software compares the geometry of the unprocessed tubes with the previously entered data, thus avoiding downtime due to operating errors. The LoadMaster Tube gripper system automatically adapts to the measured length of the tube. Individual tubes can be loaded manually, even if you have opted to install an automatic loading system. The transport tracks can be easily swiveled into place to feed single tubes into the machine.

Tube Cutting Machine TruLaser Tube 7000

Tube Cutting Machine TruLaser Tube 7000